Most Popular Dog Breeds in Los Angeles!

Apr 15 2016 by admin

While the rest of the country is still hung up on Labrador Retrievers (and has been for the past 20 years!), Angelinos can't get enough of their favorite dog, the BULL DOG.
Angelinos are different from the rest of the country for lots of reasons. Most of us don't have regular, 9-5 jobs. We are either in the entertainment industry, or cater to those that are. We don't have to deal with pesky things like "seasons." We all look at least ten years younger than we actually are, get married and have babies ten years later than the rest of the country, and have disarmingly intimate relationships with our cars. We name our kids Finn instead of Michael, Fawn instead of Melissa, and and Apple instead of Mary. Would Angelinos settle for a dog breed that the rest of the country thinks is tops? Absolutely not!
Maybe Angelinos love Bulldogs because the dogs were bred to be tough. Its not easy living in a city of 4 million people, 3 million of which happen to be on the 405 freeway at the same time as you. Bulldogs are also small but mighty, kind of like talent agents. And actors. Some bulldogs can pack 50 pounds onto their frames. Angelinos can find beauty in the smog, the traffic, and the hustle.And like Los Angeles, Bulldogs are ugly!..but that's what makes 'em so darn cute!