High-End Dog Walker in Los Angeles, CA

We've heard the story far too many times:

Rather than calling upon an insured dog walker, with dedicated experience in caring for dogs that are not their own, you decided to ask your neighbor, a friend, or a family member if they would be able to stop by the house and take Fido out for his afternoon business. You left a detailed inventory about what door to use, what streets to avoid because of problem animals, what snacks to give the dog, and how long they should be out. The dog walker of your choice, however, simply forgot to stop by the house, and you came home to a mess! Or maybe they used the back door and tripped your home alarm, frightening themselves, your dog, and half the neighborhood while they were at it. Perhaps they walked by that neighbor's house with the high fence and aggressive bulldog, which put your pet into a perilous situation.
These types of scenarios play out all too often!
Petopia-LA offers high-end dog walker services where you can rest assured (or more likely, work assured) that your dog is being taken care of exactly the way you desire. Our staff of insured dog walkers will come to your home and give your dog the right type of attention, follow the instructions that you leave them, and make sure that they receive a suitable, safe walk when you are not able to do it yourself.
Our exclusive dog walker will help make sure that you and your pets' needs are fulfilled and help you avoid coming home to anxious dogs who have been putting the call of nature on hold until you got home, which can be harmful to their health, as obedient and cute as it may be that they hold out like that!
If you are looking for a dog walker you can trust with your pet, contact us at Petopia-LA today for a consultation. We look forward to meeting you and your lovely little friend!
Our insured dog walker services are available throughout Los Angeles, CA, in the communities of Santa Monica, Brentwood, Malibu, Sherman Oaks, Westwood, Calabasas, Hollywood, and Burbank.