Celebrity Pet Gossip!

Apr 15 2016 by admin

What's more fun than celebrity gossip? Celebrity PET gossip, of course! Here are a few of Petopia's favorite star pets to follow:
Martha Stewart has two French Bulldogs
Bai Ling snuggles up at night with Quiji, her cat-cheetah mix
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have several dogs, including a Chihuahua named Vida Blue
Anna Farris (one of Petopia's faves!) and Mischa Barton both have daschounds
Julianne Huogh from Dancing with the Stars has a Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Lexi
Paris Hilton recently adopted a kitten named Princess Annabell
East the Bulldog calls Jessica Biel mom.
Felicity Huffman has a teeny tiny poodle named Tucker
Katherine Heigl has five dogs including an adorable terrier mix named Romeo
Christy Brinkley named her fluffy friend Maple Sugar
Rachel Bilson has a pit bull named Penny Lane and a mutt named Thurmen Murmen
Sienna Miller's black and white pups are named Porgy and Bess
Serena Williams named her Jack Russell Terrier Jackie. (Easy to remember. We like it).
Rachel Ray's dog is named Isaboo
Vanessa Williams has a yorkie named Enzo
Susan Sarandon has a mixed Pomeranian-maltese named Penny