Animal Fun Facts

Apr 15 2016 by admin

Below are some of Petopia's favorite facts about animals, collected from across the Internet. We make no guarantee as to their accuracy, but they sure are fun to imagine!
Did you know!!!??
If a female ferret does not mate while she is in heat, she will die. (Yikes, eh ladies?)
If a rat and a camel were having a contest to see who could go the longest without water, the rat would win, paws (or hooves) down.
The fur found on white polar bears is actually translucent.
In addition to having striped fur, tigers also have striped skin underneath.
To assist them in plunging to the deepest area of a body of water, a crocodile will injest pebbles, rocks and stones in order to give gravity a helping hand.
Dragonflies are born, live and die, all within twenty four hours. (Think of how old that makes you in dragonfly years!)
Because of super-compacted bones in their feet, elephants are the only mammals that are unable to jump. (No basketball for you, Dumbo!)
Snails can snooze for YEARS at a time (sounds good to me!..zzzzzzzzzzz).
A giraffe's tongue can grow up to a foot and a half long, allowing the animal to give itself regular ear cleanings. Yum.
Polar bears are left-handed
Dolphins snooze with one eye open at all times
Feel free to stick out your tongue at a crocodile – their tongue is glued to the bottom of their mouth, so there's nothing they can do! Oh. Except, um, bite you. So there's that.